• Forget Yourself
    Lethe Press, reprinted 2016

  • The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights
    Lethe Press, 2015

Journals & Anthologies

  • Renewal
    ‘Alif’ (short fiction)
    J. Scott Coatsworth (ed.), Mischief Corner Books, 2017

  • Threesome: Him, Him, and Me
    ‘Greedy, Deviant, and Perverse: Living and Writing a Trio Relationship’ (afterword)
    Matthew Bright (ed.), Lethe Press, 2016

  • TFFX: Ten Years of the Future Fire
    ‘Liquid Loyalty: Ten Years On’ (short fiction)
    Djibril al-Ayad, Cécile Matthey and Valeria Vitale (edd.), Publishing, 2015

  • Drag Noir
    ‘Straight Baby’ (short fiction)
    K A Laity (ed.), Fox Spirit Books, 2014

  • Heiresses of Russ: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction 2014
    ‘Liquid Loyalty’ (short fiction)
    Melissa Scott, Steve Berman (edd.), Lethe Press, 2014

  • Bestiary: The best of the inaugural demi-decade of A cappella Zoo
    ‘Transaction’ (short fiction)
    Gina Oschner, Colin Meldrum, et. al (edd.), A capella Zoo, 2013

  • Sorcières: pourchassées assumées puissantes queer / Witches: hunted appropriated empowered queered
    ‘Liberation, Goddess Worship, and the Craft’ (short nonfiction, in collaboration with Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff)
    Anna Colin (ed.), Éditions B42, 2012

  • Shaped By Time
    ‘The Gods Present to Us the Artefact’ (short fiction, in collaboration with Olivia Plender and Unnar Örn)
    Milena Hoegsberg (ed.), Revolver/National Museum of Denmark, 2012

  • Gender Forum
    ‘My Stand: Queer Identities in the Poetry of Anna Seward and Thomas Grey’
    Issue 39, 2012

Magazines & Websites

  • Passages North
    ‘Shelter’ (upcoming: 2019)

  • Booth

    ‘Bricklets’ (short fiction: November 2018)

  • Flash Fiction Online
    ‘Delivery’ (short fiction: November 2018)

  • The Sun
    ‘Beneath Our Feet’ (short fiction: August 2018)

  • The Jellyfish Review
    ‘Nice Men’ (short fiction: May 2018)

  • Crack the Spine
    ‘They’ (short fiction: issue 236, May 2018)

  • Strange Horizons
    (Various nonfiction articles 2015-2018)

  • SLEEK Magazine
    ‘The Ocean; We’ (short fiction: issue 51, Autumn 2016)
    ‘Airbound’ (short fiction: July 2014)

  • Van Winkle’s
    ‘Polyamory and the Social Politics of Sleep’ (nonfiction article: May 2016)

  • Queer Voices
    Interview with author Brett Josef Grubisic (nonfiction article: April 2016)

  • Guernica
    ‘Polyamory and the New Struggle for Civil Rights’ (nonfiction article: March 2016)

  • The Future Fire
    (Various nonfiction articles: 2015)

  • QueerStories
    ‘The Other Woman’ (short fiction: vol. 1, summer 2015)

  • PinkNews
    ‘Why Polyamorous Marriages are the Next Step to Equality’ (nonfiction article: May 2015)

  • Mouthfeel Magazine
    ‘Queer Eating in Berlin’ (nonfiction article: April 2015)

  • Fox Spirit
    ‘Disability as Drag’ (nonfiction article: October 2014)

  • Überlin
    ‘The Ten Berlinmandments’ (nonfiction article: August 2013)

  • Polytical
    ‘Starting Out Duogamous’ (nonfiction article: spring 2013)

  • Scifi Methods
    (Various nonfiction articles: 2012-2013)

  • Corvus
    ‘Grey Grass’ (short fiction: issue 7, spring 2013)

  • A cappella Zoo
    ‘Transaction’ (short fiction: issue 9, autumn 2012)


  • The Nordic Model
    (In collaboration with Olivia Plender and Unnar Örn)
    Malmö Konstmuseum, Sweden, May-August 2013

  • Plus ou moins Sorcières
    (In collaboration with Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff)
    Maison Populaire, Paris, January 2013

  • Shaped By Time
    (In collaboration with Olivia Plender and Unnar Örn)
    National Museum of Denmark, June 2012