Unicornland: A New Look at Serial Polyamory

Written by Redfern on 13/02/2017

As someone who somehow snagged two boyfriends, writes about multiple relationships, and believes the world could do with a whole lot more love, I’m pleased to see an ever-swelling mass of stories centered around polyamory. Coupled with the giddy thrill of getting to see something before everyone else, I was delighted to be offered an early look at a new webseries: Unicornland. Starring Laura Ramadei (of Orange is the New Black fame), it follows the fractious lovemaking of newly divorced …

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Review: ‘Village Books’ by Craig McLay

Written by Redfern on 20/05/2013


It’s difficult for me to give this book 2 stars, because I wanted to like it: the premise was sound, the introductory chapters were good, and it’s important to support indy publishing. There’s also the fact that, as an indy author myself, I just plain don’t like giving bad feedback on someone else’s hard work. Despite all that, my frustration with this novel is still clawing at my brain like a fatal parasite, so I can’t avoid giving a below …

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Review: CyberStorm by Matthew Mather

Written by Redfern on 13/03/2013


As my legions of dedicated stalkers will be aware, I have previously written a review of Mather’s other work, The Complete Atopia Chronicles, for Scifi Methods. As I wrote back in October, Mather’s strengths lie in his technical background and ability to envisage horrifying abuses of computer technology, whereas his weaknesses lie in character development: in short, it was a fascinating world populated by less-fascinating people. So when Mather contacted me offering an advanced copy of his new novel CyberStorm, …

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