Unicornland: A New Look at Serial Polyamory

Written by Redfern on 13/02/2017

As someone who somehow snagged two boyfriends, writes about multiple relationships, and believes the world could do with a whole lot more love, I’m pleased to see an ever-swelling mass of stories centered around polyamory. Coupled with the giddy thrill of getting to see something before everyone else, I was delighted to be offered an early look at a new webseries: Unicornland. Starring Laura Ramadei (of Orange is the New Black fame), it follows the fractious lovemaking of newly divorced …

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The Costs of 2017

Written by Redfern on 31/01/2017

This is an extremely personal post, and I’ve been debating with myself as to whether I should write it. It’s not going to be particularly well-written, it’s not going to be inspiring, and I’m not going to end it with my usual optimistic calls for love, hope, or solidarity. This is a post born of anger, fear, hatred, and nausea, and I’m sharing it because maybe you’ve found yourself in similar situations, and maybe reading this will help.

Now I’ve gotten …

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The Political Center is Dead

Written by Redfern on 09/11/2016

Like much of the world, I’m writing this in a sleep-deprived haze, an orange phantom haunting my dreams and walling off sleep. This isn’t a surprise, it’s been creeping in plain sight, stalking the borders of our conscience. The latest dreaded signpost to something increasingly difficult to avoid:

The political center is dead

And its death cries have been echoing for years, ever since markets crashed and the pockets of the poor were picked for their rebuilding. they’re in the rattling gasps …

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“Get over it”: Reagan, AIDS, and Clinton apologists

Written by Redfern on 12/03/2016

This isn’t something I’m especially happy about writing, because I think generally the US liberal-left needs to stand together, but responses from many Clinton supporters to the latest controversy are so sickening and inexcusable that I’m actually currently trembling with upset and anger. What could provoke such a reaction? In truth just three words, and ones I’ve seen repeated over and over in the past hours:

“Get over it.”

Some background for those who haven’t heard what’s been going on. Talking about …

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Circumstances in Which Jesus May Not, In Fact, Love You

Written by Redfern on 29/06/2015

Now, I’m not one to dictate the likes and dislikes of two thousand-year old historical figures, but I do enjoy it when others enlighten me. Like a teenager in a relationship for the first time Jesus is continually saying that He loves me, usually through manic-eyed people wielding leaflets which tell me the exact opposite.

Ah, but you see, Jesus loves me, he just doesn’t like the things I do. Because of course my inner self and my actions have absolutely no bearing …

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