Common Phrases (Used By People You Should Probably Ignore)

Written by Redfern on 03/03/2016

Recently it has come to my attention that the internet is good for things other than locating vulnerable people in order to cleanse their minds of the lives they once knew so they may join your sacred order and begin afresh as a jumpsuit-clad Follower named Redfern #48242. It’s also good for finding restraints, copious amounts of mind-altering hallucinogens, and jumpsuits. Also, debate. Terrible, terrible debate.

Generally I try to avoid getting drawn in to aggressive discussions online, be they about upcoming …

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Diary of a Straight Person: The Return

Written by Redfern on 06/02/2014

Straight people: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without sneaking into their homes and selling their children to dog food companies. But beyond all the chasing and legal threats, what are the elusive people known as “Notgays” actually like? Last year ‘Mork Manton’  wrote a guest post giving terrifying insight into the heterosexual mind , and has once again blessed us with a peak at their strange world and alien thoughts. And so he sneezes onto us:

Diary of a Straight Person: The …

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Written by Redfern on 29/04/2013

You know the scene – you’re having a drink in a bar with some friends, one of whom has brought someone along, a particularly irate person wearing a scowl and an unabashed sense of entitlement. Somehow the conversation drifts towards immigration or terrorism (“somehow” = deliberately and awkwardly brought up by the stranger) and you spend the next 5 hours attempting to explain Islam and justify the existence of Muslim people, all under a rapidly growing headache induced by the …

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Written by Redfern on 08/01/2013

Like all homosexuals I have never actually spoken to a straight person. Sometimes I gaze at the night sky and wonder at the mystery of the heterosexual world. Thankfully ‘Mork Manton’ has written the totally accurate, totally heterosexual guest post ‘Diary of a Straight Person’, in order to enlighten us lesser beings on the average day for a regular straight bloke. Enjoy.


Fucking finally got permission from the missus to get the lads together. Me and Steve and Kyle went for …

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