The Political Center is Dead

Written by Redfern on 09/11/2016

Like much of the world, I’m writing this in a sleep-deprived haze, an orange phantom haunting my dreams and walling off sleep. This isn’t a surprise, it’s been creeping in plain sight, stalking the borders of our conscience. The latest dreaded signpost to something increasingly difficult to avoid:

The political center is dead

And its death cries have been echoing for years, ever since markets crashed and the pockets of the poor were picked for their rebuilding. they’re in the rattling gasps …

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My Life Over the Past Six Months: An Intervention By Meddling Loved Ones

Written by Redfern on 14/09/2016


MISSING PERSON A: I hope this works, I really do.
MISSING PERSON C: Do you really think he’ll listen? Lately he’s been–
MISSING PERSON B: Quiet, here he comes. Hi, Redfern!
ME: Oh wow, all my friends and family are here? Is this a party?
MISSING PERSON A: No, this is–
ME: How thoughtful! And only 11 months before my birthday!
MISSING PERSON A: –an intervention, we’re worried about–
ME: Still, you might have got some balloons, it’s quite drab …

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Interview with author Bret Josef Grubisic

Written by Redfern on 28/04/2016

(This interview originally appeared on Queer Voices, 14 April 2016.)

An English Professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Brett Josef Grubisic writes fiction, arts journalism, and scholarship. He’s published three novels:The Age of Cities, This Location of Unknown Possibilities, From Up River and For One Night Only. Other projects include Contra/Diction, Carnal Nation, Understanding Beryl Bainbridge, National Plots, American Hunks, and Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase: Contemporary North American Dystopian Literature.

I spoke with Brett about teenage dreams, queer loving, and sex …

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Threesomes, Bisexual Book Awards, and Other Deviant News

Written by Redfern on 07/04/2016

Spring for writers in 2016 is much like spring will be for everyone in 2116: it’s that time of year when you get to eat discounted chocolate eggs, insert a slightly brighter bulb into your desk-side SAD lamp, and conjure up the increasingly distant memory of flowers.

(Pretty sure that’s it.)

If you’re anything like me (and the increasingly concerned looks from those around you will confirm that you are), it’s also the traditional time for taking stock of everything you’ve accomplished this …

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“Get over it”: Reagan, AIDS, and Clinton apologists

Written by Redfern on 12/03/2016

This isn’t something I’m especially happy about writing, because I think generally the US liberal-left needs to stand together, but responses from many Clinton supporters to the latest controversy are so sickening and inexcusable that I’m actually currently trembling with upset and anger. What could provoke such a reaction? In truth just three words, and ones I’ve seen repeated over and over in the past hours:

“Get over it.”

Some background for those who haven’t heard what’s been going on. Talking about …

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