Still Alive: An Update

Written by Redfern on 24/07/2018

So you might have noticed that my blog has grown neglected over the past year, but there are reasons. Very, very satisfactory reasons. For one, I’m not sure anyone is still reading blogs, which is a shame, because they’re a marginally less stressful form of entertainment than reading about looming nuclear war / the ever-present threat of fascism on social media. For another, I have been working. And by ‘working’, I mean ‘writing’. And by ‘writing’, I mean ‘incessantly googling …

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Tired of Elections? We’re Here to Help

Written by Redfern on 08/06/2017

Elections got you down? Too much talk of Brexits, failing hospitals, and who will be fastest to annihilate humanity in a global firestorm of nuclear armageddon?

You’re not alone.

We at Redfern Enterprises are sick of it too. We may be a multinational conglomerate devoid of ethics or empathy, but we’re just like you—an average human who is sick of all that fighting among politicians. A normal person who sometimes buys bread and who is tired of having to deal with complex …

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Unicornland: A New Look at Serial Polyamory

Written by Redfern on 13/02/2017

As someone who somehow snagged two boyfriends, writes about multiple relationships, and believes the world could do with a whole lot more love, I’m pleased to see an ever-swelling mass of stories centered around polyamory. Coupled with the giddy thrill of getting to see something before everyone else, I was delighted to be offered an early look at a new webseries: Unicornland. Starring Laura Ramadei (of Orange is the New Black fame), it follows the fractious lovemaking of newly divorced …

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The Costs of 2017

Written by Redfern on 31/01/2017

This is an extremely personal post, and I’ve been debating with myself as to whether I should write it. It’s not going to be particularly well-written, it’s not going to be inspiring, and I’m not going to end it with my usual optimistic calls for love, hope, or solidarity. This is a post born of anger, fear, hatred, and nausea, and I’m sharing it because maybe you’ve found yourself in similar situations, and maybe reading this will help.

Now I’ve gotten …

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2016: Year in Review

Written by Redfern on 29/12/2016

And thus concludes everyone’s favourite year. Thankfully my intense denial has rendered me immune from horrifying global events as thoroughly as though I were in my own lead-lined bunker, though with fewer rotting canned goods and slightly more daylight. Though I’m certain 2017 won’t disappoint in terms of increasingly less abstract horrors, for now I’ll be looking back at some of my favourite events from what has actually been a pretty successful year. You know, aside from all the bombings, …

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