Written by Redfern on 26/11/2014

Rich people aren’t like you or I. We live in apartments, they live in private jets. Whilst we have secret sexual relationships with our bosses in a feeble attempt to rise a quarter-rung higher up the corporate ladder, they have harems filled with movie stars. Nowhere is this difference more noticeable than advertising. See, adverts made for we junk food-snorting proletarians show people being happy. The people in billboards and on TV frolic around some unrealistically clean restaurant or mall, …

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Written by Redfern on 13/11/2014

It’s that time when I refrain from writing blog posts about scented candles and repressed homosexuality and instead focus on things that have actually been happening to me in the real (?) world. And things happening there have been!

Firstly, you may have noticed some changes to this site.

The short stories page is updated, with new releases and pretty pictures of book covers. The site’s main page has also received some changes, now including my writing profile and a fantastic new …

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