Written by Redfern on 05/05/2014. Posted Under: News.

Three things have not happened in the last half-year: I haven’t had a human conversation that didn’t revolve around sinister hypotheticals; I didn’t manage to stop my sexy dentist from stealing all my wisdom teeth; and I haven’t updated my blog with things that have actually been happening to me, as opposed to happening purely within my mind. Still, much has been going on. MUCH.


  • I was in the newspapers! German newspapers, but newspapers all the same.

So the alternative Berlin subway map I made was popular, first being featured on Überlin, then Kreuzbergedthen other places, then I was contacted by journalists for the dailies Bild and BZ, who took worryingly earnest pictures of me (clothed; SMILING) and wrote about me in print and online. Getting polyamory and queer issues mentioned in right-wing papers makes it sorta ethical, right? RIGHT?

  • I have been interviewed! Not once but frice (four. Four times.)

The first interview appeared in Sensanostra, on my deviant polyamorous scheming. It comes complete with photo art created specifically for the piece, which was written by Brendan McHugh. Read it here.

The second interview was with author Asha Vose, on my novel Forget Yourself. Read it here.

The third interview was with JeanzbookreadNreview, also on Forget Yourself.  Read it here.

The fourth interview is on Polyamory and identity, and will be featured at

  • Another short story is being published!

My story ‘Straight Baby’ is being published in the upcoming Drag Noir anthology, by Fox Spirit.

“Morality rules in a glittering word of healthy scientifically-bred heterosexuality: gone are the sleazy gender-bending days of the tens. It’s not perfect – after all, accidents happen. Thomas’ deviance is hidden: his disability is his invisibility. He’s not like Simon, spying on politicians in dark theatres. Or Marek, writing petitions and getting bricks through his window. Thomas just wants love – and maybe he’s found it, despite the dangers of dating married men…”

  • Other stuff

There were more lovely positive reviews of Forget Yourself, I did a book reading in the awesome Berlin queer bookstore ‘Another Country’, and I’ve been working hard on my next novel Olympia: The Gay Republic, as well as new shorts.

So there we have it. Things! Now if only I can figure out how to put on a shirt without getting it stuck over my head.

– Theshirtisdarkfern