Written by Redfern on 23/02/2014

There are two things I missed whilst I was away the last two weeks: the winter Olympics and Valentine’s Day. Gone forever is the chance to hold my boyfriend’s hand whilst enjoying the traditional Burning of the Gays opening ceremony, to kiss him to the sound of horsewhips searing into Pussy Riot’s flesh, or to look into his eyes whilst basking in the warm glow of the twenty-first century’s newest authoritarian regime.

Still, I might be 9 days late, but I’m sure …

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Diary of a Straight Person: The Return

Written by Redfern on 06/02/2014

Straight people: can’t live with ’em, can’t live without sneaking into their homes and selling their children to dog food companies. But beyond all the chasing and legal threats, what are the elusive people known as “Notgays” actually like? Last year ‘Mork Manton’  wrote a guest post giving terrifying insight into the heterosexual mind , and has once again blessed us with a peak at their strange world and alien thoughts. And so he sneezes onto us:

Diary of a Straight Person: The …

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