Written by Redfern on 15/07/2013. Posted Under: News.

The sun is shining, people are drinking beer in the parks, and I have locked myself indoors to write, simply because I love you. But it’s been a pretty eventful time!

  • The print version of Forget Yourself is now available to buy on Amazon! Buy it, it smells like paper and possibly even ink!

Forget Yourself

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  • Next up, my short story ‘Grey Grass’ – about a three-way love affair at the end of the world – was published in Corvus! Click here to read it.
  • My short story ‘Liquid Loyalty’ – about the ‘monogamy pill’ – was published in The Future Fire, complete with illustrations by M. Hanford. Click here to read it.
  • I’m part of a project called ‘Part of the Game’, with the artists Angus Cameron, Berit Fischer, Pia Lanzinger, and Olivia Plender – funded by the NGBK Berlin and scheduled for July 2014.
  • My article ‘JUDGES MACHT FREI: FASCISM AND THE JUDGE DREDD WORLD’ was released with Scifi Methods. Click here to read.
  • I published an article on Witchcraft with Sleek Magazine, for their Spring Issue.
  • The final draft of my new novel, The Giddy Death of the Gays and the Strange Demise of Straights, is almost complete.
  • This website is being updated, and will soon host lots and lots of lovely information.

In a rare moment for this blog, I will be sincere and thank everyone who has been giving me such fantastic levels of support. I owe each and every one of you some top-notch hedonism.

– Writingwithoutsleepfern