Written by Redfern on 31/12/2012

Hello happy housespouses! And congratulations to those of you who chose not to end it all over Christmas! However, New Years is still fraught with difficulty. Without friends there are no potential party faux-pas to worry about, but what about those resolutions? Will you have to give up smoking? Drinking? Seeing the children? No, no, and probably yes (the social worker really doesn’t like stepping on used meth needles every time she enters your home).


To save you from yourself, here …

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Written by Redfern on 19/12/2012

Merkel greetings, fellow serfs! Following the noble sacrifice of my sanity, dignity and social life, a good deal has been happening on the writing front:

– My novel ‘Forget Yourself’ is available for free via Amazon this Thursday (20th December).

– You can buy a paper copy of my short story ‘Transaction’ with the Autumn 2012 edition of ‘A Cappella Zoo’ – available here.

– ‘Queer Spirit: Liberation, Goddess Worship, and the Craft’, a chapter I wrote for Plus ou Moins Sorcières, (ed. …

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Written by Redfern on 17/12/2012

Like everyone with an appreciation of splendour and level-headedness, I am a huge fan of Germany’s robot chancellor, Angela Merkel. Though we are aware of her most wise and benevolent actions via her own personal news media, the person herself remains something of a beautiful enigma.

Well not any more! To coincide with 2012’s End of the World, I am launching merkelFACTS, a new twitter feed with everything you ever needed to know about Europe’s no-nonsense empress. In celebration of this …

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Written by Redfern on 09/12/2012

I made this purely out of hope and love. Thank you, Facebook!


And here’s another version I made (a little harder to read, but the wisdom of the earth comes through unhindered):



– Redfern

HOUSESPOUSE CORNER: Baking Mama’s Special Win-Him-Back Chocolate Fudge Cake

Written by Redfern on 04/12/2012

Still enjoying your marmalade? Did it fail to make your husband stay? Well it’s not too late! It’s never too late! He’s sure to come running back from that whore sister of yours when he smells delicious fudge cake! Right?!


Twelve 20g packs of fudge

1 imperial drum of cocoa powder (3 tsps)

A stick of butter

Several eggs

A mixing bowl


Whipped cream

A stick for stirring

Cooking sherry (12 bottles)

Cherries (a plumber’s dozen)

A photo of your sister

A match


Step One

Take off your make-up. No-one is coming to …

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