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Written by Redfern on 26/11/2012. Posted Under: News.

So things have been going pretty well at the moment – I’m working on a complete redraft of the dark queer comedy ‘The Giddy Death of the Gays and the Strange Demise of Straights’, and the apocalyptic poly love story ‘Grey Grass’ (a collaboration with the artist Heather Purcell) is almost complete. Otherwise…

  • Check out this review of ‘Forget Yourself’ from Modern Poly, ‘Find Yourself in the book Forget Yourself’:

“One of the better things about Forget Yourself is that religion is never introduced in the book.  Although polyamory relationships have been represented in more than one television series most series have a religious backing.  Barrett beautifully describes society in a way, which leads the reader to believe it’s non-theistic. “


  • Then there’s my own review of ‘The Complete Atopia Chronicles’ for Scifi Methods:

“The ethical issues raised are nuanced to the point that it is often genuinely impossible to work out what would be the right thing to do, and the villain of the piece isn’t obvious until the very end. Unlike a lot of sci-fi dealing the artificial reality, the lack of a single, simplistic message brings the world – from its vertical farms to its crimelord penthouses – into three full dimensions.”

(To see all my articles for Scifi Methods, go here)

I have also written a petition to the UK parliament on poly rights which is currently pending. I’ll post it here when it’s through.

For those of you currently developing a religious following around me, please only use official photos on your shrines. None where I look weird.

Blessings my children!

– Redfern

EDIT: Almost forgot, an article of mine made it onto The Polyamory Daily.