Newsy stuff

Written by Redfern on 21/10/2012. Posted Under: News.

OK, so I’ve been getting quite a bit done recently, and all I had to do was sacrifice daylight! It only gives you wrinkles anyway.


  • My latest feature article for Scifi Methods is out:

“I’m going to pick holes in something vital: tiny pieces of background information that should have no bearing on a sane person’s enjoyment of the film. Because I have an unhealthy interest in science fiction and far too much time on my hands.”


  • A guest post I wrote for October Poly Month has been published on Lor Rose’s blog:

“This is not what we do. This is who we are. And we’re not going anywhere.”


  • My short story ‘Transaction’ can now be read online:
“There is no law but the law of transaction. All interaction is transaction.”


Aside from that I’ve been working on the short story ‘Grey Grass’, an apocalyptic polyamorous romance, with illustrations by the artist Heather Purcell.

If you’re in Berlin take me for a drink! I need one…

– Redfern