Written by Redfern on 28/09/2012

Just a quick update: due to unmanageable amounts of spam (just how many idiots buy handbags from spambots, anyway?), I’ve had to disable comments for my posts. If you have something to say, please feel free to email me – the address is linked on the main page of this site.

Stay filthy.

– Redfern


Written by Redfern on 26/09/2012

OK, so more excitement this week…


The Fall issue of ‘A Capella Zoo’ is now out, which features my short story ‘Transaction’ – check out a preview of the magazine at – 2nd page for a short quote from ‘Transaction’.
My article ‘My Stand’ on queer identity in the 18th century is now available in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Gender Forum’ –
‘Forget Yourself’ has a growing presence on Goodreads, now with a review from Caterina Lewis –

Also, I lost at football to some 10 …

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Anti-alcohol adverts vs FUN

Written by Redfern on 22/09/2012

Who doesn’t love government public service announcements? Over the years they’ve given me an unrelenting fear of fireworks, knives, overdosing, railway lines, and water. Now the German government have put up a new load of exciting adverts warning the youth about the dangers of taking the alcohol. They’re currently in every subway station and bus stop around Berlin, and they’re spectacular.


SEE? SEE WHAT ALCOHOL DOES? It turns two unbearable arseholes who obviously dislike one another into INTENSE WARRIORS. Look at …

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Allergies vs. Joy

Written by Redfern on 19/09/2012

I have allergies. Many, many allergies. Cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, dust, pollen, homophobes, you name it. My allergies, however, are manageable – I just have to stay away from anything that isn’t human and hide indoors. If I paint trees on the walls, who’s to know the difference?

Lovely, peaceful trees.

Like many people, I make myself feel better by thinking about the suffering of others. Here are some things it would really, really suck to be allergic to:

Cooked food
Vitamin C
The …

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Written by Redfern on 16/09/2012

Here’s this week’s rundown:

My article ‘Lords of Kobol: The One, None, and Many Gods of the Battlestar Universe’ is out at Scifi Methods:
Forget Yourself is now listed on Goodreads:
Forget Yourself reached #75 in the Kindle UK lesbian chart.
‘Transaction’ will be published in ‘A Cappella Zoo’ next month.
Plus ou moins sorcières, which includes a chapter I worked on with Olivia Plender and Patrick Staff, is being released in December.

Pretty busy, but as long as I apply lemon juice to my eyes every 15 minutes, …

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