Money vs The Imagination Hole

Written by Redfern on 30/08/2012

Now, I’m no certified economist, at least not until next week when my private university is ratified (want a PhD in under ten minutes for only 199.99?) – but there’s something that really bugs me when the media talk about money.

I’m calling it the Imagination Hole, largely because I like cheap double-entendres. The ‘Imagination Hole’ is when newspapers, TV, and the more backward boroughs of the internet talk about money as though it can vanish. You know what I’m talking …

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Written by Redfern on 28/08/2012

My weird science fiction novel ‘Forget Yourself’ is now available on Amazon! It features triangle huts, chlorine oceans, lego cities, purple clouds and blink rations. And sex.

Buy it for the Kindle, or download it to your computer, iPhone or iPad with the Kindle app!




Or simply search for ‘queer polyamory science fiction’ within Amazon. It’ll show up. Oh yes.


– Redfern

Grand High Empress vs. The World

Written by Redfern on 22/08/2012

As many of you probably know, I would very much like to Be In Charge Of Everything. I don’t especially mind the title – ‘Director’, ‘Super King’, ‘Grand High Empress’, ‘The First Evil’ – that doesn’t matter.

What do matter are the ‘re-education centres’. They are necessary to the creation of my Utopia* and the formation of a Perfect World.** But who should go into these fine institutions? Well, thankfully the general public are always giving me ideas. Here are a …

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Flesh vs. Meat

Written by Redfern on 17/08/2012

I don’t eat (non human) meat. I never felt any real desire for it, and haven’t missed it since I made the easy decision to stop putting it in my mouth and swallowing. Before I stopped eating (non human infant) meat, I always used to wonder what made so many vegetarians angry. Well, for all those meat-eaters who want to know, the last seven years have taught me that…

Restaurants hate you personally, and want to hurt you in …

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Written by Redfern on 15/08/2012

So my sci-fi novel ‘Forget Yourself’ is on its very last proofread and will be dragged kicking and screaming into the world in the next two weeks. Information will be put on the non-ranty part of this site. Apparently the story is “sad” and “dirty” – we know how great those things are in combination!

In other news, this blog seems to have had a huge spike in traffic due to a tweet from Telegraph journo Tom Chivers – and football …

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